Who is suitable for the profession of an ethical hacker

An ethical hacker must have several character traits. Firstly, patience, because the work is quite monotonous: you can study the code and its vulnerabilities for more than one hour and more than one day. A person should be interested in a long and thorough understanding.

Secondly, you need to be able to enjoy the little things: a few hours or days of work can end in nothing. The payment for work is also not always as high as that of conditional developers or graphic designers. You have to work with enthusiasm, sometimes rejoice in modest awards and a sense of your own success, so as not to burn out.

And no less important are mental flexibility and inquisitiveness.

A person should think like a potential attacker: be able to see ways to use an error to hack the system, use some unaccounted-for moments for other purposes. For example, if the script of one option is rotated differently, and this will lead to data access.